Baseline Dodgeball 2017 Winners

The Baseline Dodgeball 2017 Tournament Champions

The Baseline Dodgeball Tournament of 2017 was another incredible, successful event. The tournament took place at Baseline Middle School gymnasium March 7th and March 9th, a two day event.

A HUGE thank-you goes out to all the volunteers that graciously gave of their time to help with all the different functions needed to make the Baseline Dodgeball Tournament run smoothly. Without them, this tournament would not happen. Thank-you!

Baseline Dodgeball Tournament
The Crowd!

To the kids – thank-you to all the teams that played hard, had fun, and showed great sportsmanship throughout the tournament. This tournament was created for you to come out and have lots of fun.  With all the smiles and handshakes, it was so worth it!

The Baseline Dodgeball Tournament Champions

Baseline Dodgeball
Congratulations – 2017 Baseline Dodgeball Tournament Champions

Elite Squad – Kenyon Thomas, Captain – David Gonzalez, Xavier Rickett, Donyea White Anderson 


Baseline Dodgeball Tournament
Runner-ups – 2017 Baseline Dodgeball Tournament

The Cobras – Jackson Williams, Kaleb Bodfish, Aaron Boyer, Captain – Alley Woodall



Baseline Dodgeball
2017 Baseline Dodgeball Poster Winners

The Cobras – Captain – Alley Woodall, Aaron Boyer, Jackson Williams, and Kaleb Bodfish



Baseline Dodgeball
2017 Baseline Dodgeball Trivia Winners

The Purple Turtles –  Jina Patel, Captain – Karlie Woodall, Ellie Frost, and Harrison Smith


Once again, congratulations to all the winners, and runner-ups, you were fantastic! Congratulations to all the teams for your sportsmanship, your willingness to participate, and for making the Baseline Dodgeball Tournament a fun, fast paced, and exciting event.

Of course we can’t forget about the huge turnout of fans! You people were great! The support you gave the kids was incredible, even deafening at times! Thank you to the parents who came out and played in the parent mini-tournament. Hope you weren’t too sore the next day.

So to everyone that had a hand in the Baseline Dodgeball 2017 Tournament, THANK-YOU!


The 2017 Baseline Dodgeball Committee



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