Baseline Dodgeball Tournament

The Baseline Dodgeball Tournament is just around the corner!

March 12th and 14th!!!!!

Students can pick up a team packet February 27th , 28th, March 1st, and March 4th in the center circle before first hour.  Each packet contains information about the tournament, a team sign-up form, a parent permission slip and a copy of the Baseline Dodgeball rules for each team member.

Teams may begin to sign up Tuesday morning, March 5th, before first hour in the center circle.  In order to officially sign up, each team must have the team sign-up form completely filled out, the 4 permission slips signed by each player’s parent, and a total of $16 ($4 from each player).

Once a team has signed up, a practice time will be given to the team captain.  Practice will be held on Monday, March 11th after school.  Practice is optional.  Each team will be given 15 minutes to practice.   

Each team is required to have a team poster for the opening ceremony.  The team can work on their team poster in the cafeteria before and/or after their practice time in the gym.  Posters can also be made at home.  Each team must turn in a poster by Tuesday morning, March 12th, before first hour.

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