Baseline Dodgeball Tournament 2015

The Baseline Dodgeball Tournament is only days away!!!

baseline dodgeball arm bands

All dodgeball teams will be practicing on Monday, March 9th.  Each team has a practice time.  Players may stay after school and work on their team poster in the cafeteria while waiting for their scheduled time.

Membership bands will be given to each dodgeball player Monday at practice.  This will get the player into the gym for no charge.  All players should leave the band on all week.

Posters are required by each team and due no later than Tuesday morning (before first hour).  No glitter is allowed on the poster.

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Locker rooms will not be open Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday.

On Tuesday night there will be an opening ceremony starting at 6:30 pm.  Dodgeball players should arrive at 6:00 pm and go directly to the cafeteria. Find your team number on a table.  Stay at your table.  Work on the trivia questions and get your team picture taken when requested to.  Stay in the cafeteria until the ceremony begins.  After the opening ceremony, teams will move to the reserved area in the bleachers.

On Thursday night, teams will arrive ready to play and sit in the reserved area of the bleachers.

The only item of jewelry allowed is the green membership band.

Show good sportsmanship at all times.  Shake hands after each match!

Will you be the next Baseline Dodgeball Champion?



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