Baseline Dodgeball Tournament 2014

Baseline Dodgeball Tournament 2014 is just around the corner!

The Baseline Dodgeball Tournament will take place on March 11th and 13th.  Students should start organizing their teams now.   The tournament is open to all Baseline Middle School students.  A team is made up of 4 members with at least one member of each gender.  Sign-ups will take place March 3rd thru March 6th.

Baseline Dodgeball

Mark your calendar – March 11th and 13th!

Baseline Dodgeball

2013 Champions!

The championship game was won by Elijah Hedges, Frances Lyons, Mitchell Murk, and Hayley Krieger.  Will this team stay together in 2014 and win again?  If they do, they would be the second team in Baseline Middle School Dodgeball History to repeat.

Attention Parents of Baseline Middle School Students

You will have an opportunity to play in the 2014 Parent Tournament.  Organize your team and be ready for action.  Who will take home a trophy this year?


Baseline Dodgeball 2013 Championship Game

Baseline Dodgeball Tournament 2013 has a new Champion!

Here is the 2013 Baseline Dodgeball Tournament Finals on video. It was a great year and a well attended event. Great sportsmanship and high-fives were exchanged after every game. Thank-you students, parents and fans!

More videos and pictures will be posted shortly.

Once again, a successful Baseline Dodgeball tournament, great sportsmanship by the students, awesome parents and fans in the stands!

A huge THANK-YOU to all the volunteers for all their effort, great attitudes, and taking time to make this a great event for the students. Without your help and giving it would be impossible for this worthwhile, fun, student event to take place like it has.

Baseline Dodgeball Tournament 2013

2013 Baseline Dodgeball Tournament

March 12th and 14th

Teams may begin signing up Tuesday morning, March 5th in the center circle before 1st hour.  Team captains need to have a completed yellow sheet, 4 signed blue sheets, and $16 when they arrive at the sign-up table.

Sign-ups will continue Wednesday morning and finish on Thursday morning.  Thursday is the last day a team can sign up.  No sign-ups will be taken on Friday. 

Team captains will be responsible for making sure each of their team members get their complementary dodgeball drawstring bag, have read the dodgeball rules, and attend the dodgeball meeting Friday morning, March 8th at 7:30 a.m. in the gymnasium.  All team members must attend this meeting.  The captain should also inform each of their team members about the teams scheduled practice time on Monday, March 11th.

On Monday, March 11th teams will be allowed to practice and/or create their team poster.  This will take place after school in the gymnasium and cafeteria.  Each team must have a poster.  The poster may be created at school or at home.  NO GLITTER is allowed on the poster.  The poster must be turned in to Mrs. Cowell or Mrs. Fouts no later than Tuesday morning, March 12th in the center circle before first hour.

Baseline Dodgeball

Baseline Dodgeball Tournament

The Baseline Dodgeball Tournament is just around the corner!

March 12th and 14th!!!!!

Students can pick up a team packet February 27th , 28th, March 1st, and March 4th in the center circle before first hour.  Each packet contains information about the tournament, a team sign-up form, a parent permission slip and a copy of the Baseline Dodgeball rules for each team member.

Teams may begin to sign up Tuesday morning, March 5th, before first hour in the center circle.  In order to officially sign up, each team must have the team sign-up form completely filled out, the 4 permission slips signed by each player’s parent, and a total of $16 ($4 from each player).

Once a team has signed up, a practice time will be given to the team captain.  Practice will be held on Monday, March 11th after school.  Practice is optional.  Each team will be given 15 minutes to practice.   

Each team is required to have a team poster for the opening ceremony.  The team can work on their team poster in the cafeteria before and/or after their practice time in the gym.  Posters can also be made at home.  Each team must turn in a poster by Tuesday morning, March 12th, before first hour.

Baseline Middle School Dodgeball Tournament 2013

BMS Dodgeball Tournament 2013 is almost here!!!

Teams may start to pick up informational packets Wednesday morning, February 27th.

Start putting your teams together.

Remember, teams must have at least one person of the opposite gender.  That means you could have 3 boys and 1 girl OR 2 boys and 2 girls OR 1 boy and 3 girls.  Team members do not have to be in the same grade level but need to be Baseline students.


Baseline Dodgeball Tournament

Baseline Dodgeball Tournament 2013

Baseline Middle School’s Dodgeball Committee is busy putting plans together for this years big tournament.  Students should start organizing their teams.  Remember, a team is made up of 4 players, can consist of any combination of students from grades 6-8 at BMS, and must have at least one person of each gender. 

Dream big!  Your team could be the 2013 Baseline Dodgeball Champions!!!!

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Revisit this website periodically for more information. 

To view photos from past Baseline Dodgeball Tournaments click on the link below.

Baseline Dodgeball – Just Dodge It! 2013

Baseline Dodgeball Fans — Are you ready for some dodgeball?

The Baseline Dodgeball Tournament will be coming in March of 2013.

Get those teams picked and prepared for action.  Any Baseline Middle School student in grades 6-8 may participate.  A team is made up of 4 members and must have at least one boy and one girl.

Return to this site for more information as the tournament gets closer.  Thanks for being a fan and remember ………………………….  Just Dodge It!!

Baseline Dodgeball

The 2011 Dodgeball Champions

The 2011 Baseline Dodgeball Tournament saw an awesome performance by BBR (Best Be Ready)to win this years Baseline Dodgeball Championship trophy, repeating as the #1 team for the second year in a row!


2011 Baseline Dodgeball Champions
2011 Baseline Dodgeball Champions


2011 WinnersBBR (Best Be Ready)

Captain – Sarah Washegesic

Alec Washegesic

Colton Toney

Ryan Capps


Runner UpThe Tornados

Captain – Maddie Gargus

Deon Cooper

Trenton Smiley

Adrian Cobbs


Dodgeball Trivia WinnersCyclones (v) 3

Captain – Jared Goodwin

Mormon Olivas

Emily Olivas

Jack Filbrandt

It was a awesome action filled tournament and fun was had by all.  A lot of great sportsmanship was shown by all.  This is probably the loudest, good-natured, fun-loving crowd that Baseline Middle School experiences all year long.

Thank-you to all the fantastic spectators, to all the incredible teams that participated, to all the volunteers that worked tirelessly, to John Weiss, the principal, and of course to the three wonderful teachers that started this whole fun dodgeball tournament, Bo Cowell, Michelle Dudycha, and Shelly Fouts.